Peter and Marilyn Kidd
In June this year (2014) we decided to update our Health and Safety policies and procedures.
We employed On Farm Safety from Taranaki to help us with this process.
Bronwyn and Toni completed a very thorough audit of the farm, providing us with a list of actions which needed to be undertaken.
Along with an excellent, easy to use folder of very useful tools necessary for the running of the Health and Safety aspect on the farm i.e.  Casual Workers Agreements, Contractors Agreements and the necessary Code of Conduct and Policies for our farm. This is available on the website, so is easy to run off extra copies.

Toni has been amazingly supportive in her follow up, coming once a month for 6 months to check on our progress, answer any queries and also formulate new actions when necessary.
She has worked with our Contract Milker and his staff to ensure compliance is adhered to.  It has proven to be a catalyst for action, to reinforce ongoing behaviours, to get meetings and reporting embedded in place.

Awesome team to work with!