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Training your staff and keeping a record of your hazardous substances - From Worksafe

Sunday, July 15, 2018

From 1 June, a new regulation came into force that means you must now keep a record of all of the information, training and instruction you give your workers about hazardous substances.

Training and supervising your workers working with hazardous substances is really important, so that they can do their job safely.

Workers need information and training, as well as practical supervised experience, on:

  1. the health risks and safety issues of the hazardous substances they work with
  2. how to safely use, handle, manufacture, store and dispose of the substances they work with
  3. the safe use of equipment, including personal protective equipment
  4. their responsibilities and actions to take in an emergency.

You’ll need to provide evidence of training including records to an inspector or a compliance certifier if asked.