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Stay Well, a snapshot of clients physical and mental wellbeing

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Stay Well NZ Report

September 2016

Stay Well checks aim to give a quick snapshot of client’s physical and mental wellbeing, and encourage them to seek further assistance where results fall outside World Health Organisation guidelines.

The check includes blood pressure, BMI, cholesterol and glucose testing, some preventative and safety considerations and a mental health questionnaire, encouraging people to consider their own mental health and skills to enhance their mental wellness.

Stay Well NZ and Lifeline have worked together this year, to provide checks for farmers at events in Northland, Taranaki, South Auckland, Waikato and Taupo, Canterbury, West Coast and Southland.

Farmer meetings were run by Beef and Lamb, SMASH (Smaller Milking and Supply Herds), Vetora, and Waikato Health Board.

64% of attendees have been referred to their doctor for further investigation.

Of these, 92% had gone for further advice within 3 months.

15 checkers have been trained so far, in Waikato, Northland, Taranaki and Bay of Plenty. There will be annual refresher courses and further training as the project expands. There is a registered nurse on site at each check.

A total of 14 Lifeline volunteers have been involved at the checks, and their skills have enhanced the service and its delivery in a very positive way.

Two Lifeline staff have also been heavily involved.

Comments from recipients who have been advised to seek further investigation.

(We make phone contact follow-up 2 months after the advice is given.)


“An objective, helpful check, which has led to further tests and medication for me.”


“We have leased the farm, and re-evaluated how we want to spend our time and energy in the future”


“Lost 5 kgs, and on track to lose another 5 kgs over next 6 months”


“Completed half marathon, which I never expected to do”


“Reconnected with my GP and now having 3 month check ups until blood pressure is stable.”


“You were the first ones to find my glucose level was high. I am now on special diet, and low dose of medication.”


“I am now linked to a counsellor, and slowly learning to live with the guilt and stigma of the suicide in our family.”


“I get much more physical exercise, and watch my diet, so don’t need medication at the moment.”


“Great to get the checks without making a special trip to appointment.”


“I have reduced alcohol to once a week, and two glasses, and that has had some effect on my weight and blood pressure I think. I didn’t know what binge drinking was until we talked about it.”