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Sandras blog: Preventing job related injuries is good business

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Preventing Job Related Injuries Is Good Business

Every day, farm workers and contractors suffer a serious job-related injury. This includes falls and slips, being struck by objects, incidents involving moving vehicles, and repetitive motion injuries.

Preventing injuries on the job is in everyone’s best interests … the employer and the employee. To implement an effective Injury Prevention Program, it takes active participation by all those involved. Injury Prevention incorporates these key elements.

Management Commitment
Senior level management buy in and active monitoring of employee safety activities are critical. Management must be involved and committed to addressing and preventing workplace related injuries and illnesses.

Employee Engagement
Active employee involvement is required to obtain and sustain a successful safety and injury prevention program. Input and feedback from employees as they assess workplace hazards and propose solutions, as well as take part in ongoing safety training, are instrumental in lowering incidents.

Hazard and Risk Recognition
Being proactive in assessing the workplace and identifying, evaluating and eliminating or/minimising hazards and/orreducing the risks will lead to a safer work place.

Direct Company Benefits
Putting resources and time behind a well-managed injury prevention program has significant benefits for any business. These include ….

Positive Financial Impact
Reducing injuries has a direct impact on the bottom line by increased away from work time (down time), temp replacement or cover costs (including induction and training costs), rehabilitation time/costs and potential legal costs. A workforce with less time off due to injury has higher productivity and enhanced operations.

Higher Quality Work
When workers are happier the quality of work is better. Workplace morale improves when employees are engaged in the process and work in a safer environment.