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Requirements when using service providers... Our Consultant Sandra (Tasman/Marlborough area)

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

This discussion topic comes up often when I’m with clients.

What’s required when using Service Providers (Contractors, trades people)

It is the responsibility of the farms employer or PCBU(s) to not only protect the health and safety of all employees and workers, but also of those self-employed persons (Contractors) while they are working on the farm.NB using contractors to perform work / activities on your farm needs to be done under a Service agreement or Contract.

The farm PCBU(s) must:  Provide workers and service providers (Contractors) with their Health and Safety Policy including accepted safety practices via a Code of Conduct for the workplace. Notice of all hazards on-farm - a farm hazard map is ideal for this.

It is the responsibility of the Contractor to:  Comply with the farms Health and Safety policy, Code of Conduct and all applicable legislation and standards including accepted best work practices and procedures, specific to the work performed

Provide competent and sufficient supervision for the work performed under the contractor’s control when the contractor’s workers are involve in performing the work.

Cooperate with the employer to identify and control the hazards (minimise the risks) associated with the work being performed

Cooperate with the employer to develop and implement a safety induction for workers of both parties geared toward the hazards specific to the workplace and the work being undertaken