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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Winter Recharge Time

With the cows now dry, ewes are set stocked for lambing and the crops are in the ground, everyone has a few weeks up their sleeves to recharge before the new season kicks into gear.

Use this time to do exactly that. Recharge.

Before the hectic pressure of Spring starts, it’s an ideal time to do a full review of your Health and Safety System and ensure all systems are solidly in place. Discuss with the whole farm team what parts of the year went well, and what areas need improving.

Plan to meet with all of your Contractors that you are going to use for the 2017-18 year and complete the Contractor Inductions now.

Ensure all staff are inducted onto the farm, especially any new staff that have started the new season, and ensure staff training is up to date.

Vehicle maintenance should be up to date. You can’t afford to have vehicles out in Spring.

Most importantly, have a fantastic winter and enjoy your well-deserved break.