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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

We’ve all procrastinated over something from time to time and Health and Safety is no different for a lot of business owners, we all know we need to have some good workable Health and Safety systems in place but often it’s something that’s left until we “Have time”, and let’s face it, in farming that just doesn’t happen.

The simple fact is that we prioritise what we think is important and put it all in a pile with the most urgent things at the top, the things we deem unimportant or

just not a priority get left at the bottom of the pile. That’s generally where they stay because the nature of farming is that it’s unpredictable and that you learn to expect the unexpected. So what happens to those things at the bottom of the pile?, they don’t get done.

Simply put if you own a business you need to have good Health & Safety systems in place, and if you have staff it’s an absolutely essential component of your business.

According to the new Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 as a business owner you MUST take “All reasonable and practicable steps”, if you have something in place then well done, if not then it’s time to put Health & Safety to the top of the pile.