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People First in Health and Safety

Thursday, October 15, 2015

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Agri HQ People first in Health and Safety

Our own consultant Rachel Short talking about Health and Safety.

Rachel and Kenneth Short say getting on top of your health and safety policies doesn’t have to be about piles of paperwork and shouldn’t be about simply ticking the compliance boxes. They told Cheyenne Stein how they strive to run simple yet effective systems that make health and safety on their farm a breeze.

Communication, education and awareness are the key components to the systems Rachel and Kenneth Short have in place to ensure everyone on their Taranaki farm gets home safe at night. The couple’s approach to people management and health and safety earned them a merit award at the 2014 New Zealand Dairy Business of the Year for Best People Management and they continue to strive to keep their systems simple yet effective.

Rachel, a part-time consultant with OnFarmSafety New Zealand, says since starting her job they have been able to develop effective systems for managing health and safety on their farm.

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