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Bridgets Blog

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

As September ends and we start a new spring month, I thought it is timely to remind everyone of the importance of ensuring you complete thorough Contractor and Casual Staff inductions.

Each contractor that enters your property must be inducted and made aware of any hazards specific to the task they are completing, what your farm rules are and details of where your emergency plans and equipment are located. Ensure this induction is documented using your Contractor Induction form.

A handy tip is utilising your farm map to create a hazard map and marking any specific hazards such as low wires, as well as where the first aid kit and fire extinguisher is located. The best hazard maps I have seen have had GPS details for a few key areas on the farm so that if anyone gets into trouble out on the farm, they can accurately direct emergency services to their point.

Ensure your casual staff are also inducted onto property following the process above, and sign a Casual Workers Employment Agreement prior to commencing work.

All the best for docking and getting your crops in the ground.

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Jenny Herries Blog

Monday, September 19, 2016

Hi from my region beautiful Gisborne. I thought this would be a good opportunity to introduce myself as the new East Coast Consultant. The area is large and the country is big. I am at home amongst station life, having worked on large stations from mountain range to sea views. I have seen the change in mindset in Health and Safety on farms and can see the merits our Agriculture Industry will gain by being pro -active. But it is a team effort and everyone has a role to play.

I am a practical hands on person and I am constantly in the company of like mined people. It is a privilege to be invited on to some impressive business operations and experience first-hand how the East Coast is in good heart. What a great part of the country I live in.

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Nics Blog

Thursday, September 15, 2016

It is now getting to the end of calving and everyone is starting to feel like it’s time for a break away, but that is easier said than done when you still have those last few cows to calve and starting to look towards mating and pre mating heats…… it feels like it’s never ending!

However, no matter what jobs there are to complete it is much more important to be well rested and have a clear head before attending to these jobs, therefore we need to take a break to have a breather and a SLEEP IN!!!

As farmers we live at our place of work and don’t get away, whether it be listening to the rain at night worrying, or the grass not growing fast enough or checking those cows late at night we never really switch off until we get away. So treat yourself out there farmers, a few nights away from that farm for R & R.

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Bronwyn's Blog

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Attended the inaugural HASANZ Conference at TePapa in Wellington last week. Very well run event – congratulations Craig Smith and the HASANZ organising team.

HASANZ is very aware that Health & Safety is BIG business and is reviewing and addressing the accreditation and standards of all providers of health & safety advise in NZ.

Warning Message - Every Tom, Dick and Harry is running around flogging off Health & safety ‘expert’ advise. Do your own due diligence and ask these questions of anyone coming up the driveway to sell you H&S products.

OnFarmSafety New Zealand has worked hard to establish excellent internal and external advise, processes and industry standards – both rural and health & safety.

All our consultants are members of NZISM

Check out our 5 quick answers to the 5 quick questions

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Are you Ready for April 2016?

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Farm business owners – Are you ready?
Have you got your head, and farm business sorted in time for the new Health & Safety legislation? Do you feel confident that your farm business has a robust, relevant and compliant Health & Safety system actively working for you and your farm team?    Read More . . .

Safe and Sound Compliance

Monday, December 21, 2015

New health and safety legislation will be enacted in April next year. The big question is: what effect will it have on farmers? Country-Wide writers investigate.   Read More . . .

Health and Safety at Work Act - 2016

Monday, December 14, 2015

As the clock ticks ever closer to the 4th April 2016, we should all be preparing our farm business models, and educating ourselves and our staff as to how each workplace will meet compliance with the recently passed new Health & Safety law - The Health & Safety at Work Act.   Read More . . .

People First in Health and Safety

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Article Featured:
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Have you checked?

Monday, June 15, 2015

Have you checked if you have moved farms.....   Read More . . .

Safety News

Monday, January 12, 2015

Here at OnFarmSafety NZ we are all about ... Taking the Healthy Risks! Not banning the kids from the farm! They might be our future farmers??   Read More . . .