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Its Bird Nesting Time

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

It’ s bird nesting season

How do I know this – because we just had our Farm Health & Safety meeting and our worker kept us in hysterics with his ‘war on the bird’ antics as he tries (unsuccessfully) to keep ONE bird out of his letterbox.

If 15 mins is the answer what’s the question?

How long does it take a bird to rebuild its entire nest – from scratch! Impressive ah! Would save all of Auckland’s housing issues if we had builders that could work at that speed.

These little industrious feathered friends can cause havoc in a short space of time so…..

Time to start checking for nests guys and gals or you may have a devastating fire on your hands.

Stop and POP: Start popping bonnet up on tractor, check in guards in tractor roof, top of/ in manifold and In beside the sump & chassis rail & fan. Leave the Bonnet up even if you have just popped inside for a quick cuppa!

Check around your meter boards or any electrical source in sheds – hay and an electrical spark make the perfect fire fuel. Consider permanently wiring in extinguishers into your meter board – better to lose your meter board than your WHOLE shed. Discuss with your electrician.

Did you know that in Australia and America they just put a rubber snake under the bonnet to deter birds and it works.

Kiwi birds are WAY to intelligent to fall for that trick?? Let us know if you have a trick that works!!