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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Are you talking to yourself?

With October here it sees our Dairy clients finishing up the last of calving, Sheep and Beef clients already well into lambing and Contractors are starting into what we hope will be a good spring and summer period.

It’s just a fact that this time of year is busy for everyone in the industry and it’s easy let your Health and Safety procedures slip due to a lack of time,but don’t forget the end game, it’s not just about meeting your obligations or even being compliant, it’s about changing the mind-set from both of these things and instead having a clear focus on putting people first, changing the culture, talking about the subject and embracing change.

I have had conversations with several clients recently about how the changes in Health and Safety had effected the industry and how implementing good Health and Safety procedures have changed how they think, the common theme was that they all found themselves stopping to ask “is this safe” for some of the most mundane everyday tasks, tasks not even related to farming and often not even something being done as part of the work day.

I think that If you find you are questioning yourself about the safety of a task on a regular basis, then you’re probably on the right track, of course you need to have the documentation in place, but if you’re talking to yourself about the subject – you’re on the right path