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FROSTS!~ Leah our Northland consultant

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Having had our first frost here in Northland, it’s a timely reminder that winter and its weather is fast approaching.. Not that winter is the only time you need to be ready for!

If there was to be an emergency on your farm would you and your staff be prepared?

It’s a term we at OnFarmSafety call emergency preparedness.

If you were to be snowed in, flooded out or had trees on powerlines during storms - do you have a plan in place? Do you, your staff and families know what to do and who to call to keep everyone safe?

Set up an emergency plan, safe place or high ground incase of flooding

Make sure you have adequate first aid in the right places

Have an emergency contact list plus a list of important service people (power/lines company etc)

Do a practice run with your family, your staff and their families so EVERYONE knows what to do and where to go

You can’t plan for every situation but having good procedures in place will help keep everyone safe and give peace of mind.