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Don't forget Safety & Health this Spring....

Sunday, August 11, 2013

As we launch into this Spring season around the country, the OnFarmSafety Team want to remind you to discuss your risk management plans regularly with all of your staff.

As we work with our clients, it is very apparent that one of the glaring gaps in all our farm workplace environments is the lack of structured meeting time that we, farmers commit to our workplace routines.  There is enormous value in doing this at least weekly.

Look after yourslef, your family and those in your farm team by communicating regularly as a team and taking the time to stop around the smoko table or over coffee ad collectively plan and review. You can discuss all routine jobs, maintanence, general well-being, health & safety, 'the weather' or 'rugby scores' etc and everyone in the team hears the 'same message' and has the opportunity to contribute, question and learn from each other.

Try making this the 'norm' in your weekly plan. Have a cup of coffee together and write down key points that come out of the discussion.

A good way to involve all the staff more is to have each person bring one key point to the meeting.  Keep weekly notes/minutes of these meetings, you may need to refer back to them.

Once you have regular team meetings, you will soon appreciate the value of them and the benefits this brings to enhancing communication within your team.