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Chemical Safety by Bridget

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Chemical Safety

Al McCone from Worksafe published an interesting article on the front page of Farmers Weekly last week regarding the deaths caused by Hazardous Substances in the workplace.

“Statistics show that 20 people are killed in farm and orchard accidents each year but more than 100 are dying from exposure caused by Hazardous Substances”.

This article has brought around a timely reminder of safety when handling chemicals.

Here are a few tips:

1-Ensure all of the required Personal Protective Equipment is provided and that it is worn

2-When staff are not wearing the required gear, ensure you stop them and correct them

3-Check the quality of your gear every now and then and ensure it is not worn and perished

4-All persons handling chemical should be trained to do so

5-Ensure chemical is stored correctly and unauthorized use is restricted

6-Ensure the conditions are suitable when spraying

The misuse of chemicals should be treated seriously as the impact it has on your health, is serious business.