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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

As September ends and we start a new spring month, I thought it is timely to remind everyone of the importance of ensuring you complete thorough Contractor and Casual Staff inductions.

Each contractor that enters your property must be inducted and made aware of any hazards specific to the task they are completing, what your farm rules are and details of where your emergency plans and equipment are located. Ensure this induction is documented using your Contractor Induction form.

A handy tip is utilising your farm map to create a hazard map and marking any specific hazards such as low wires, as well as where the first aid kit and fire extinguisher is located. The best hazard maps I have seen have had GPS details for a few key areas on the farm so that if anyone gets into trouble out on the farm, they can accurately direct emergency services to their point.

Ensure your casual staff are also inducted onto property following the process above, and sign a Casual Workers Employment Agreement prior to commencing work.

All the best for docking and getting your crops in the ground.