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Are you Ready for April 2016?

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Farm business owners – Are you ready?
Have you got your head, and farm business sorted in time for the new Health & Safety legislation? Do you feel confident that your farm business has a robust, relevant and compliant Health & Safety system actively working for you and your farm team?

The Health & Safety at Work Act comes into effect on April 4th 2016 –only 2 months away. The Health and Safety Reform Bill was passed at Parliament in August 2015 and this gave the final seal of approval for the adoption of the new legislation.

This is the first significant reform of New Zealand’s health and safety laws in 20 years and addresses the recommendations from the Independent Taskforce on Workplace Health and Safety.The Taskforce was established in June 2012, post the Pyke River workplace tragedy in November 2010. An underground explosion at the mine claimed twenty-nine lives. A large number of mine workplace health & safety system failings were highlighted. After extensive workplace consultation, the Taskforce report found New Zealand’s current health and safety system was not fit for workplace purpose and highlighted a number of significant weaknesses.

If New Zealand is to achieve a major health and safety step-change and address business owner & worker commitment then these significant weaknesses need to be addressed. There are still far too many workplace injuries & fatalities in the New Zealand workplaces.

The new law will be supported by workplace and farming industry regulations that are being developed in time for April 2016.

Are you still unclear? Working with OnFarmSafety New Zealand, rural health & safety specialists, can assist you to ensure compliance in the same way you would address your other key farm business aspects. ie tax, finance, animal health. Don’t discover health & safety by accident!