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Health and Safety News

Adverse events can cause Accidents

Monday, March 18, 2013

Drought in the rural areas of New Zealand can have major safety and health consequences. As farmers concern and worry increases around animal welfare; lack of feed; loss of production; loss of income; then stress levels rise and become a major contributing factor and a potential Safety and Health Hazard.

This can have severe consequences if not carefully managed
· Concentration lapse around daily routine tasks;
· Frustration/Anger build up leading to inattention and not taking time to do jobs;
· Depression meaning an inability to make decisions or react in the right manner

Even if and when we get rain and growth, many farmers will be financially stressed out in the months to come.

Please keep an eye on your farming families; friends; neighbours and staff and remember this is a major Safety and Health concern.

We are all in this together !