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The perception that farmers blatantly flout safety rules and put worker's lives at risk is simply not true, according to OnFarmSafety Managing Director Bronwyn Muir.

As part of her work, Bronwyn gets an in-depth look at farmer's health and safety policies and processes and said if they are going wrong anywhere, it is usually with documentation. "Of course Health and Safety in New Zealand Farm workplaces is not perfect, and yes we can do a lot better, but we don't completely disregard The Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 as some media/public perception may make out".

"Safety is really high up on most farm business owner's agenda," she said. "Farmers genuinely want all their staff to come home safely every night. These people are more than 9-5 workers - they are people who live on farm and often bring families with them. The last thing farmers want to do is have to tell a worker's family that something has happened. Farmers just need support and guidance through what, from outside, looks complicated and often gets put in the too hard basket".

OnFarmSafety New Zealand advises farmers on all aspects of health and safety on farm, including but not limited to legislative and employment requirements, effective hazard management processes, Personal Protective Equipment, machinery management, incident and accident reporting, emergency plans and first aid, farm signs and clothing. We ensure our farmer clients understand and are supported to implement, compliant health and safety systems.

OnFarmSafety New Zealand 'percolated' for a few years before officially launching in 2013. Bronwyn has already helped many farmers get their health and safety policies 'out of their head' and into correct documentation and saw there were opportunities to help others do the same.

The OnFarmSafety New Zealand consultant team starts by 'auditing' a farm business to get an overall view of the farm, including staff, equipment, farm size, hazard identification and infrastructure. A health and safety policy is then created with the farmer, establishing best practices for that farm business, assisting the farm team to write the risk management rules and then identifying and applying process techniques to manage the most significant hazards.

Health and Safety needs to become entrenched in the farming culture, including removing the 'she'll be right' attitude to risk management.


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